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Created: June 9, 2007
Last Edits: June 9, 2007
Stage: Rules ?
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Status: Failed ?

Babies: The Card Game


A fixed card game where the goal is to make the most money by popping out babies.


This game concept was conceived (no pun intended) during my walk to West Virginia. I still have some interest in it, but the fact that so much time has passed without even a set of rules probably means that, if it pops up again, it will pop up in a different form.


The goal of the game is to earn the most money. The primary way to earn money is by producing and selling babies. Your male and female characters can have sex, with a die roll chance of becoming pregnant and popping out a baby token a few turns later. You can earn money by selling babies, and you can spend money on hiring new prostitutes, or buying upgrades like uterus implants (allowing women to have multiple pregnancies at once, or allowing men to get pregnant as well). The main goal of the game is to find the ideal balance between people and pregnancies, as hiring more people is more expensive than upgrading your existing people, but the chance of pregnancy (and of miscarriages) increases as a person has more uteri.