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Created: March 19, 2006
Last Edits: August 12, 2006
Stage: Revised ?
Cards Created: 147
Status: Completed ?

CMU Chrononauts

This card game is playable

The game is standard Chrononauts; cards are downloadable here.


A version of Chrononauts (a card game produced by Looney Labs) with the timeline replaced with CMU events; a collaborative effort with Tim and Tim.


Tim and Tim and I (and the rest of the Fairfax gang) played a lot of Chrononauts. We got to thinking that it would be fun to have a version that was based around major CMU historical events, so we spent a couple days creating a timeline (and alternate timeline). Tim created all of the graphical cards; the original game Artifacts have hand-drawn pictures courtesy of Apphia. The game underwent some tweaks (mostly in the Identities), but I can't remember what those are anymore, so this is the game in its original, slightly imbalanced, state.


Gameplay is standard Chrononauts. If you don't know what that is, go out and buy a copy of Chrononauts (or the Early American expansion) and play.


All of the cards are the same types as the official game. You should probably buy a copy of the official game because it is awesome.