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Created: December 6, 2006
Last Edits: January 26, 2007
Stage: Revised ?
Cards Created: 77
Status: Complete ?

The Cluster Card Game

This card game is playable

Rules are available here and cards are downloadable here.


A fixed card game based a little on Memory where the goal is to accomplish your goal through cluster citizens' resources.


I had random inspiration to create a fixed card game based on people in the CMU computing cluster and their random objectives (backrubs, eating, writing kernels). This game is the result of that. It was completed late 2006, then modified in 2007 to add some new people.


Gameplay involves flipping and playing resources in order to match their objective for the round. Objectives are selected in turn such that no one knows each other player's objective. You can download the rules here.


There are two types of cards: Resource and Objective. The deck is entirely Resource cards, and Objective cards are chosen each round so players have a goal.

The card design seems to be disliked by everyone but me. It was randomly thrown together in a few minutes, but works for the game.

You can download the cards here.

A sample Resource card, "Greg Hanneman (ghannema)"

A sample Objective card, "Write Kernel"


The Cluster Card Game had a very basic website.