Alan's Card Games

Created: July 18, 2005
Last Edits: July 25, 2005
Stage: Ready for Playtest ?
Cards Created: 35
Status: Abandoned ?


This card game is playable

Rules are available here and cards are downloadable here.


A customizable card game based around stepping along to DDR songs.


I was getting really into DDR (and later ITG) at the time, and figured I should make a card game based on it. The results were less than stellar, and the game was quickly abandoned.


The game involves having the most points when any player has completed the stepchart for their chosen song, while interfering with your opponents' efforts. Song choice means you can either have an easy chart (and try to finish first), or a more complicated chart (that is potentially worth many more points).



There are eight types of cards: Song, Step, Link, and Interference. Song cards are chosen before the game starts, and players proceed to play Step cards (with Link cards when required) to complete the steps of their song. Interference cards hinder opponents' stepping.

The game ended up with 35 cards, and it is intended that the single shared deck have duplicates of most cards.

The card design incorporates graphics from Stepmania (the home, open source version of DDR).


A sample Song card, "A"

A sample Step card, "Up (Perfect)"

A sample Link card, "Double Step"

A sample Interference card, "Add Freezes"


The DDR TCG had a very basic site that provided download links for the rules and cards.