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Created: April 2, 2010
Last Edits: July 10, 2010
Stage: Revised ?
Cards Created: 0
Status: Complete ?

The Drama Game

This card game is playable

Rules are available here and cards are downloadable here.


Causing drama is fun, especially when it's people you know.


The Drama game was inspired by a linear logic flash game where you caused tons of drama to occur. I thought this was fun, and adapted it into a card game. The game is effectively complete, although it may be tweaked in the future.


The game is played with tokens, cards, and your own photographs of your friends. You play actions to cause drama to people, and win when you cause sufficiently much drama.



There are four types of cards: Actions, Setup, Surprise, and Victory. Setup cards are only used before the game starts to set a base state of drama. Actions are played to cause drama. Surprise cards cause other things to happen, and Victory cards provide tons of drama points toward winning.

Graphical cards were never created for the game.