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Created: April 20, 2011
Last Edits: January 14, 2012
Stage: Ready for Playtest ?
Cards Created: 69
Status: Active ?


This card game is playable

Rules and card downloads are available at the external website here.


A card game system based around finding clues and solving investigations, themed around TV shows such as Supernatural, Psych, and Torchwood.


After the Supernatural card game had been on hiatus for 2 years, I figured I should build another game system around the show so I could encorporate some other TV shows into the game. The result was Investigations, a card game system that, like RPG Get!, allows many different properties to interact. The game is being developed off and on.


The goal of the game is to accomplish a given number of investigations by collecting clues. Unlike other games, this takes full advantage of the "print your own cards" mechanic, making players customize their cards, then shuffling all players' cards together into a single pile. Clues are collected from the combined pool, and players can introduce other cards into the pool to impair players' progress.

The game was slightly revamped from its first iteration. The initial game design involved a grid of face-down cards which would be revealed by players, with gameplay resembling the classic game of Memory. The redesign streamlines it a bit, turning the game into competition between players for control of the clues.


There are five types of cards in the game: Character, Development, Item, Clue, and Case. Character provide abilities to use as they collect clue cards to complete cases. Items assist characters on their investigations. Development cards introduce different effects (good and bad) to investigations.

A sample Character card, "Shawn Spencer".

A sample Case card, "McCallum Kidnapping".

A sample Development card, "Trapped".

A sample Clue card, "Plane Wreckage".

A sample Item card, "Amnesia Pill".


Investigations has a website that is still available here.