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Created: July 20, 2009
Last Edits: July 23, 2016
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Cards Created: 1584
(12 sets)
Status: Active ?

People Wars

This card game is playable

Rules and card downloads are available at the external website here.


It's back! The fifth in the PPA TCG gameplay series, revamped to be more generic (but still with killing your competition)!


Student Wars Version 2 had become too specific for my post-college life; after all, who cares about GPA anymore? The cards were also still too full of text, even following the revamp. The result was a new game, People Wars, that had players attempting to score the most points (representing either cash or GPA, as appropriate) while killing their competition. The game has been developed off and on, with large periods of inactivity.


Similar to Student Wars (and its sequel), the goal of the game is to obtain the most points, either by building products or raising GPA. Alternately, players can simply gain kill counters (by killing opposing characters) to win.

The game has already undergone a revamp. Originally, the intent was for GPA to be separate from Tasks, with Tasks being a more "doing things"-oriented victory condition and GPA being the "keep characters alive" victory condition. However, they were combined in the revamp, allowing players to achieve victory with a mix of grades and money (just like in real life!). Additionally, the pre-revamp version of the game, similar to Student Wars Version 2, had characters heavily influenced by their primary trait (for example, technology-based traits would be better at playing Task cards). The revamp brings the game back to its PPA TCG days, when there was no strong affiliation from traits.

You can download the rules on the official website here.


There are six types of cards: Character, Event, Task, Item, Storage, and Dream. Character, Event, Task, and Item cards fulfill the same functions as in Student Wars Version 2, with Task cards being the new GPA. The revamp replaced React cards with Storage cards (broken off from Event cards). Dream cards were added in the Juxtapositions expansion, and act as short-lived characters with stronger abilities.

There are currently twelve sets of cards in the game. The Base Set (252 cards) and Starter Cards (21 cards) together provide a base of 273 game cards, with the Starter Cards being used for tutorial starter decks. The Activities Expansion (144 cards) extends the game with dual characters, dual items, and a new item type. The Boost Expansion (123 cards) adds more characters and attach events. The Celebrations Expansion (126 cards) adds tasks with effects, more storage cards, coin flip effects, and hybrid GameEff/Rule cards. The Destinations Expansion (135 cards) adds tasks with effects while scored, dual-type items, and and more storage cards.

The Exchanges Expansion (126 cards) adds more effects with drawbacks but larger rewards. The Flashback expansion (144 cards) adds my high school friends and features effects to change traits and work with the discard pile. The Gatherings expansion (135 cards) adds a bunch of dual characters and more task-friendly effects. The Hijinks expansion (126 cards) adds more scoring opportunities and effects to mess with other players. The Interruptions expansion (126 cards) adds events that can be played out of turn. The Juxtapositions expansion (126 cards) adds Dream cards.

With the Flashback expansion, this game overtook Student Wars in terms of number of cards (963 total for Student Wars, 1071 for People Wars).

The card templates were slightly redesigned with the Boost expansion to have larger art and be more visually appealing. Like Student Wars Version 2, card lists are not planned out in advance.

The card designs are reminiscent of my old website skin, with various components pinned to a corkboard. The designs are also meant to emphasize colors and positioning over text, so there is less dependency on reading the cards. The revamp necessitated moving the traits to the side of the card, vertically, rather than placing them horizontally at the bottom of the card. The card colors continue in the tradition of PPA TCG with green characters, yellow events, red items, blue "victory", and purple "other" cards.

You can download the cards on the official website here.

A sample Character card, pre-revamp, "Justin W."

A sample Character card from the Base Set, "Owen J."

A sample Character card from the Boost Set, "Ben & Simiao"

A sample Event card from the Celebrations Set, "Replacement"

A sample Item card from the Activities set, "Frisbee"

A sample Storage card from the Destinations set, "Pittsburgh"

A sample Task card from the Starter Cards, "Design and Build"


People Wars has a website that is still available here.