Alan's Card Games

Created: December 25, 2001
Last Edits: December 26, 2001
Stage: Design ?
Cards Created: 12
Status: Failed ?

Pikmin Card Game


Another collaborative effort with Jim M. for a card game based on the Pikmin game for Gamecube.


The game never really had rules; I found some official art from the game and decided I wanted to make cards, so I made 1, 5, and 10 Pikmin cards (of all three colors). The game never really got into any sort of playable state and was abandoned.


The game would have had one player as Olimar and the other as the various enemies. The goal was to either collect all the spaceship parts (Olimar) or kill Olimar (enemies). The game design was similar to the Starcraft Card Game in that it would have involved moving cards around a tabletop game area.


The game was supposed to include enemies, pikmin, ship part, Olimar, and Spaceship cards. No enemies or ship parts were ever made.

The Olimar card.

The Spaceship card.

A sample blue Pikmin card.

A sample red Pikmin card.

A sample yellow Pikmin card.