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Created: May 24, 2002
Last Edits: May 25, 2002
Stage: Ready for Playtest ?
Cards Created: 46
Status: Complete ?

PPA Card Game

This card game is playable

Rules are available here and cards are downloadable here.


A fixed card game created on a whim and included as part of the 02-03 PPA Yearbook, based around students and staff battling.


This game was my first attempt at a PPA card game (before the success of the PPA TCG. It was originally intended to have far more cards (which is why the rules talk about Characters, Boosters, and Events), but only 46 were created. The game was included as part of the 02-03 CD Yearbook and considered complete, despite never having been playtested. This therefore has the honor of being the first card game I completed (rather than abandoned).


The game involves players placing characters face-down and trying to align lit-up arrows to defeat defenders. Not much more to it than that. Booster and Event cards would have altered arrows and created strategy, but only one was created.



There were supposed to be three types of cards: Characters, Boosters, and Events. Of these, only Characters and Boosters were created, and there is only one Booster card.

The card design mirrors my website design at the time (white with rounded rectangles everywhere), but features copious amounts of misspelling.

You can download the cards below. (The download omits two character cards for various reasons.)


A sample Character card, "Janel Torkington"

A sample Booster card, "Laptop"


The PPA Card Game was included as part of the 02-03 Yearbook and therefore had a page on that site.