Alan's Card Games

Created: July 21, 2002
Last Edits: November 12, 2002
Stage: Ready for Playtest ?
Cards Created: 88
(3 sets)
Status: Abandoned ?



An card game based on the MMORPG Phantasy Star Online, centered around combat.


The game was created, tested, and ultimately retooled as PSO TCG v2. As such, it was abandoned in the middle of the third set. While it was available, it was posted on my website, with Rare cards being reserved as prizes for website contests. No one ever received one.


The PSO TCG is a game of combat, with players fighting each other using characters and monsters. The ultimate goal is to destroy your opponent's army of monsters; killing their characters could possibly cripple their offensive, but offers no other benefit.



There were seven types of cards: Spell, Weapon, Item, Character, Area, Monster, and Event.

The game ended up having three card sets: Premere (cards for the Forest area; 33 cards), Caves (36 cards), and Mines (19 cards; 34 were planned).

Future expansions that were planned included Ruins and NPC, which would have added cards from the Ruins area and NPC Character cards, respectively.

The card template changed in each expansion, as I was playing with Photoshop a lot at the time and enjoyed that portion more than the actual game.

A sample Spell card, "Foie", from the Premere set

A sample Weapon card, "Shot", from the Caves expansion

A sample Item card, "Difluid", from the Caves expansion

A sample Character card, "Danzaiver", from the Mines expansion

A sample Area card, "Boss: Dragon", from the Premere set

A sample Monster card, "Nano Dragon", from the Caves expansion

A sample Event card, "Trap: Healy", from the Mines expansion


The PSO TCG had a bare-bones site to allow download of cards and rules.