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Created: July 13, 2005
Last Edits: June 2, 2010
Stage: Ready for Playtest ?
Cards Created: 486
(3 sets)
Status: Complete ?


This card game is playable

Rules and card downloads are available at the external website here.


A customizable card game based around various Dreamcast RPGs, with a goal of completing missions by defeating enemies.


The concept for this game began with my desire for a Grandia 2 card game, which was originally going to be very similar to the PSO TCG Version 2. However, the idea sat around in my head for a while (mostly due to the fact that I didn't have the proper equipment to capture screenshots of Grandia 2) and underwent a major revamp following the design phase of the Supernatural Card Game, incorporating many aspects of that game into the revised rules.

Interest in the project was renewed in 2008 when David proposed a card game based on That I Am (his webcomic). I figured using That I Am as an expansion theme for RPG Get! was a good idea, and therefore set out in earnest in making cards. RPG Get!, therefore, has the honor of being the card game that took the longest from conception to release (almost 5 years).

As I was working on the Evolutia Get! expansion, a lot of the game mechanics and wording started to seem clunky to me. As such, I decided to revise the card game (despite it not having been playtested yet) and retired the game in favor of RPG Get! Version 2.


The game involves players embarking on missions (taken from the various games' storylines and sidequests) to gain points. Missions are blocked by opponents playing enemy cards, which must be defeated in combat. Cards representing characters' spells and equipment can be used to fight.

The game has never been played; indeed, the game has the dubious honor of being my card game with the most cards created before being played (PSO TCG Version 2 was also released before playtesting took place). The original intent was for the cards to get tweaked as playtesting was done. However, that didn't really work out.

This game can be considered the third iteration of the PSO TCG (with the PSO TCG Version 2 being the second). However, the game has undergone so many changes since then that it really is a separate, unique game.

You can download the rules on the official website here.


There are six types of cards: Character, Enemy, Reward, Mission, Event, and Roadblock. Characters fight Enemies using Reward cards to complete Missions. Roadblocks impede their progress, while Events add randomness to the game. Reward cards represent all character items and equipment, ranging from their weapons to their magical spells.

There are three sets, Card Get! (the base set, themed around PSO; 205 cards), Power Ultimate Get! (themed around PSO's ultimate mode; 156 cards), and Evolutia Get! (themed around the Evolution RPG series; 125 cards). A third expansion, Adventure Get!, was planned to be themed around Grandia 2. This is the first card game where card lists were not created before cards were created, which gave me a lot more freedom in card creation. It also meant that card creation took longer, as I did not have a fixed set of images ready to put onto cards.

You can download the cards on the official website here.

A sample Character card, "Hunewearl", from the Card Get! base set

A sample Enemy card, "El Rappy", from the Power Ultimate Get! expansion

A sample Reward card, "Mach Punch", from the Evolutia Get! expansion

A sample Mission card, "Machines Attack", from the Card Get! base set

A sample Event card, "Recovery Powers", from the Evolutia Get! expansion

A sample Roadblock card, "Glitched Item", from the Power Ultimate Get! expansion


The RPG Get! CCG has a website that is still available here.