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Created: June 2, 2010
Last Edits: January 29, 2011
Stage: Playtested ?
Cards Created: 25
Status: Abandoned ?

RPG Get Version 2 (Old)


The revamp of RPG Get! cleans up the rules and gameplay; still based around completing missions and defeating enemies in an RPG setting.


The revamp of RPG Get! had a few goals, including more control over attacks and actually playtesting the game (imagine that). The game was developed slowly, had a few test plays, and had a long hiatus (from January 2011 to October 2012) before being abandoned. In general, I felt the game needed a lot more testing and polishing before I started making cards (and templates, in particular). The re-revamp is still RPG Get Version 2, since this particular incarnation was never released.


Gameplay is almost identical to RPG Get!. The primary difference is in combat, where characters now have stats to make attacks powerful (for example, Rangers may have more ranged attack power, so their ranged attacks will be stronger than Hunters), and where attacks can now be countered by enemies. Combat is also more active, with characters and enemies alike taking turns to attack. The game has already undergone one revamp following the first round of playtesting (previously, enemies did not attack and only counterattacked).


There will be five types of cards: Character, Enemy, Reward, Mission, and Event. The types are the same as RPG Get!, except Roadblock cards have have been collapsed into the Event category.

The cards themselves have gone through one major redesign (during the major revamp). The goal of the new design is to change depending on the game the cards are based on. Feedback also indicated that the old cards were "too yellow."

A pre-revamp Character card, "Ramar"

A sample Character card, "Hucast"

A sample Enemy card, "Booma"

A sample Mission card, "Planet Ragol"

A sample Event card, "Item Boxes"

A sample Reward card, "Foie Lv. 1"