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Created: October 14, 2012
Last Edits: October 17, 2012
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RPG Get Version 2


The re-revamp of RPG Get! is a combat-centric customizable card game based around RPGs such as PSO, Grandia 2, and Evolution.


The revamp of RPG Get! stagnated, partially due to lack of interest and partially due to lack of playtesters. In particular, each iteration of testing resulted in fairly significant rules changes with effects on card design and layout. For that reason, I decided it would make more sense to have more basic text cards at first to test the game and flesh out the rules before starting on creating cards.


The game's core is similar to the old RPG Get Version 2. The game is based around combats with characters and enemies attacking each other in turn, as part of the players' quest to complete missions. The uniqueness of the game comes from the lack of randomized decks; players build two decks (a mission deck and a plot deck) which are ordered based on how powerful the cards are and how difficult to complete the missions are. Limited inventory means more choices (and self-limitation of large parties), and reuse of cards (discarding is very rare) means decks can be smaller.


There will be seven types of cards: Character, Enemy, Equipment, Spell, Item, Mission, and Event. The types similar to the old RPG Get Version 2, except Reward cards have been broken out into three types.