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Created: November 19, 2004
Last Edits: July 10, 2005
Stage: Revised ?
Cards Created: 144
(2 sets)
Status: Complete ?

Saint Seiya Tournament Card Game

This card game is playable

Rules and card downloads are available at the external website here.


A fixed card game based on the Saint Seiya (Knights of the Zodiac in the US) anime series, based around combat.


After purchasing and attempting to play the official Knights of the Zodiac TCG, I was convinced I could build a better card game in 5 minutes. So I took a bit of time (longer than 5 minutes, but less than 10) to hammer out the rules for a tournament card game. The game's graphical cards were completed on July 9, and I added a few other cards that would work well for multiplayer as an "expansion".


Gameplay involves players pitting their saints against each other. The winner of three fights wins the tournament. Assist cards can help turn the tide of battle, and combat cards launch attacks to defeat the other saints. You can download the rules on the official website here.


There are three types of cards: Saint, Combat, and Assist. Saints fight each other with Combat cards, while Assist cards help by introducing randomness into fights.

There are two sets, known simply as Base (136 cards) and Expansion (8 cards). The expansion cards are geared toward multiplayer.

The card design was originally intended to be the card template for Student Wars. However, I decided I didn't like it all that much, and it was reappropriated for this game. This is the first game where the cards began as text-only cards, went through playtesting in that manner, and turned into graphical cards after the game have been revised.

You can download the cards on the official website here.

A sample Saint card, "Cygnus Hyoga", from the base set

A sample Combat card, "Combination Attack", from the expansion set

A sample Assist card, "One Piece At A Time", from the base set


The Saint Seiya Tournament Card Game has a website that is still available here.