Alan's Card Games

Created: February 17, 2009
Last Edits: March 5, 2009
Stage: Design ?
Cards Created: 16
Status: Hiatus ?

The Sidedecks Card Game


Some card games have side decks. Some card games have lots of side decks. This card game only has side decks.


This game was inspired by a simple thought... Trading card games let players customize their decks... what if a game let a player customize the game itself? The result was the Sidedecks Card Game, where victory conditions, hand size, and how to play cards all depends on what you bring to the game. The game went into hiatus due a general disinterest in card games, but will likely be back in the future.


Each player brings two or more sidedecks to the game, each of which fulfills a function such as providing a victory condition, healing characters, or drawing cards. Sidedecks bring a "seed" card to the game, which determines how the deck alters the game and is used. General gameplay involves drawing cards from decks of the player's choice, and playing cards in ways determined by each seed card. Gameplay, therefore, can differ greatly depending on what decks are used.


There are currently three types of cards: Person, Resource, and Seed. Attack and Defense cards are also planned, for sidedecks that specialize in attacking and defending. Each of these types belongs to a sidedeck type, such as Programming.

A sample Programming Person card, "Ally N."

A sample Photography Resource card, "Portraits of Programmers."

The Seed card for the Programming sidedeck