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Created: July 20, 2013
Last Edits: July 31, 2013
Stage: Design ?
Cards Created: 53
Status: Hiatus ?

Smosh Card Game


A customizable fixed-deck card game involving player trading to complete episodes and gain views, themed around the YouTube duo Smosh.


I watched a lot of Smosh videos in July, and was interested in seeing what I could throw together card-game wise. I made some rules and a general list of cards for the base set (supporting between 2 and 5 players), then made cards using index cards and a pen. The game was never actually playtested, and still sits on my desk waiting to be played.


Similar to Bohnanza, the goal of the game is to trade cards and collect the necessary cards to earn points (views, in this case). However, the cards you want depend on the episode card you play, and many cards are unique per episode, making trading much more important. Certain cards also have effects, allowing players to use them to both block players from collecting them and help themselves.

The deck-building mechanic for this game is rather unique. All players play from a single deck during a game, but that single deck can be customized before the game to change the Smosh episodes that appear. Each card is part of a block, and is part of a set in that block (for example, one version of Ian H. is block A, set 1). Deck customization consists of selecting a certain number of sets per block. Blocks also control how many players can play, with additional cards being added to the deck based on the number of players.


There are four types of cards: episode, character, prop, and intro. Episode cards are played and contain a list of things that must be collected to gain their views. Characters and props are collected in episodes. into cards are also collected (each episode needs one, like a Shut Up! card or a Lunchtime With Smosh Opening card), but they can also be played for other effects, like cancelling another card play.