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Created: November 23, 2006
Last Edits: November 23, 2006
Stage: Ready for Playtest ?
Cards Created: 0
Status: Abandoned ?


This card game is playable

Rules and cards are downloadable here.


A fixed card game based on collecting all the STDs. Yes, those STDs.


A card game where you really want to catch 'em all. Interesting concept, but I never really put much work into it. I created text version of the cards, put them online, and never got around to making graphical cards (which is probably a good thing given the game). The game was abandoned soon after.


The game involves catching a multitude of STDs. Players set up sexual encounters between their characters (each of whom has an STD) to try and spread them. The goal is to have all four characters with each of the four STDs.



There are six types of cards: Character, STD, No Outcome, Condom, Risk, and Protection. STD, Condom, and No Outcome cards form a character's arsenal, while the Risk and Protection cards are used to manipulate characters.

Graphical cards were never created for the game.