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Created: December 27, 2006
Last Edits: December 1, 2008
Stage: Design ?
Cards Created: 29
Status: Failed ?

Supernatural: The Card Game

If you're interested in this game... may wish to check out the Investigations CCG, which is a card game that includes Supernatural.


A customizable card game based on the TV series Supernatural, based around solving mysterious happenings as a Hunter.


The concept for this game is due to my obsession (at the time) with the Supernatural TV series. The concept for this game was the primary inspiration for the RPG Get! CCG's current rules. As such, and since grabbing screenshots was so time-consuming, the game was put on hiatus. Eventually, I decided I would rather design a new game around Supernatural, so I created the Investigations card game and abandoned Supernatural as a standalone TCG.


The goal of the game was to solve Investigations, each worth a certain number of points, by investigating and eliminating all interference along the way. Complete enough investigations, win the game. Characters had Gear to help them remove interference or boost stats, as opponents play Interference cards representing such things as local law enforcement and paranormal monsters.

The core gameplay was adapted into RPG Get! CCG and lives on in that form.


There are four types of cards in the game: Character, Gear, Interference, and Investigation. Characters embark on Investigations with the help of Gear, while opponents block them with Interference.

The game took its card templates from rejected Student Wars CCG templates.

A sample Character card, "Sam Winchester"

A sample Gear card, "Hunter's Notebook"

A sample Interference card, "Arrest"

A sample Investigation card, "Woman In White"