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Created: August 23, 2007
Last Edits: May 17, 2009
Stage: Playtested ?
Cards Created: 527/94
(3 sets/1 set)
Status: Abandoned ?

Student Wars Version 2

If you're interested in this game... may wish to check out People Wars, the next iteration in the series with very similar gameplay.


The revamp of Student Wars, still based around obtaining a 4.0 GPA and killing your competition.


This game is the fourth in the PPA TCG series of games, and is unusual in that it was released (with three separate expansions), then un-released for a revamp, then abandoned in favor of People Wars. Work on the game started soon after the original Student Wars was retired and proceeded rapidly, resulting in a website with downloadable cards soon after. However, feedback from Ian and Tim resulted in much revision, finally leading me to slightly rework the card templates and un-release the main portion of the game. Unfortunately, by that point, I had graduated college and started work, and the idea of a game based around building up GPA didn't seem appropriate anymore. As such, the game was put on hiatus (and later abandoned) in favor of People Wars.


Like Student Wars and PPA TCG (and PPA TCG Version 2) before it, the goal of the game was to obtain a 4.0 GPA first using your character's traits. This version of the game puts an even stronger emphasis on primary traits, dividing characters into four primary affiliations (Technology, Science, Humanities, and Art), and having skills and abilities heavily tied to the affiliation (Technology, for example, are better at playing GPA cards). Kill counters return from the Student Wars rules revamp as a more central part of the game.

The game also introduced React cards, which could be played out-of-turn in response to an opponent's action. GPA cards also now needed to be "studied", and characters studying GPA couldn't be used to play other cards (but possibly gained other effects while studying).

In general, though, the game was overdesigned and uninteresting. There was critism that the cards contained too much text, and the game was therefore difficult to learn. It was playtested a couple times before the revamp, and never tested after the revamp.


There are the five types of cards in the game. Character, GPA, Event, and Item cards remain the same as before. The fifth type, however, is React (with Rules having been delegated to a specific type of Event card), which can be played during any player's turn at the appropriate time. The revamp added a sixth type, Attachment, breaking them off from Event cards.

The initial version of the game had three sets: Base (281 cards), Alliances (215 cards), and Experiences (31 cards; more planned). The revamp had a Base set with 94 cards (with more planned). Similar to RPG Get! (and unlike the previous Student Wars), sets did not have card lists planned in advance; rather, cards were created as desired.

The game had two different card templates, changed with the revamp, which were very similar. Post-revamp, character cards did not list last names, as the game was intended for a general public release. Post-revamp characters also had the "common" action associated with their affiliation written as a smaller blub, with Common Actions Summary cards containing the full text for reference. Attachment cards changed their color based on the type of card they attached to.

A sample Character card, pre-revamp, "Tim Andrianoff", from the base set

A sample Character card, post-revamp, "Greg H.", from the base set

A sample dual Character card, pre-revamp, "Alan and Tyler", from the Alliances expansion

A sample Common Actions Summary card for Fine Arts, post-revamp, from the base set

A sample GPA card, pre-revamp, "Salvage Hardware", from the Alliances expansion

A sample Evant card, pre-revamp, "Urban Exploring", from the Experiences expansion

A sample Item card, post-revamp, "Plant", from the base set

A sample React card, pre-revamp, "Bite", from the Alliances expansion

A sample Attachment card, post-revamp, "Breakthrough", from the base set