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Created: March 31, 2008
Last Edits: March 31, 2008
Stage: Rules ?
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Status: Failed ?

That I Am: The Card Game


A card game for David's webcomic, based on causing and fixing blunders.


David (of That I Am) had expressed interest in a "That I Am" card game. I pulled together some basic rules, but soon decided that it would be more interesting to just add an expansion to RPG Get! for the webcomic. This was the main impetus for me to bring RPG Get! out of hiatus and, eventually, release the game for play. As such, That I Am as its own card game was never really developed.


The goal of the game is to cause blunders that other players cannot clean up. There are four types of cards in the game: Character, Action, Blunder, and Tweak. Characters try to make and clean up Blunders by performing various Actions. Tweak cards provide various one-time effects to change gameplay.