Alan's Card Games

Created: October 7, 2007
Last Edits: November 26, 2007
Stage: Ready for Playtest ?
Cards Created: 34
Status: Complete ?

Viz: The card game


A fixed card game based on people and tasks at my final college internship, where the goal is to build products bigger and better.


The Student Wars revamp was just beginning, and I wanted to create cards for people at my internship before I left. However, a GPA-based game didn't seem appropriate for work, so I hacked together rules for a products-based game instead. The graphical cards were done the last day before the end of my internship and posted on the internal company wiki on my last day of work. The game is effectively complete, despite never having been tested.


The game plays in rounds with players using their staff to build and debug products. Similar to the Cluster Card Game, products are chosen and hidden, and players play other cards in an attempt to acquire enough staffing to build their product.



There were four types of cards: Character, Event, Product, and Bug. Players use Character cards' skills to build Products and fix Bugs.

The card templates are all the same three Viz colors (purple, green, and blue) in different locations1. All graphics were taken from public websites and all bug numbers are fictional (lest someone accuse me of posting information from the Viz private network).

A sample Character card, "Leo Torbochkin"

A sample Event card, "Merge to Main"

A sample Product card, "CoMotion CPOF Georgia"

A sample Bug card, "Bug #3454"