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Created: July 14, 2005
Last Edits: July 18, 2005
Stage: Ready for Playtest ?
Cards Created: 29
Status: Complete ?

Zeke's Nose: The Card Game

This card game is playable

Rules are available here and cards are downloadable here.


A fixed card game where you fill up your nose with nose hair and evolve it while filling your opponents' noses with foreign objects.


After I posted on my journal about my thoughts for RPG Get!, Zeke posted a comment that I should make a card game based on his nose. I did, and this game was the result. It was quickly finished in a couple days, posted, and forgotten. The game has never (as far as I know) actually been played.


Gameplay involves filling up your nose with nose hair until it can evolve, while getting rid of objects placed in your nose by opponents. The goal is to obtain an adult nose fully filled with nose hair. You can download the rules here.


There are three types of cards: Nose, Nose Hair, Object, and Uh Oh. Nose cards are filled with Nose Hair cards to evolve into other Nose cards. Object cards take up room and prevent evolution until removed. Uh Oh cards cause bad things to happen.

There is only one set of cards, with 29 unique cards. A full deck is constructed using multiples of each of these.

The card design is very minimal, but was extremely fun to do.

You can download the cards here.

A sample Nose card, "Adolescent Nose".

A sample Nose Hair card, "Long Hair".

A sample Object card, "Marble".

A sample Uh Oh! card, "Buried Deep".


Zeke's Nose; The Card Game had a basic website for downloading the game and rules.